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Product Description:

The Apple iPhone SE 2 is the next addition in the production line of . This handset is perfect for all those who want a handset with smaller display. The best part is that it will come at highly competitive prices. It is said that it will be available in five different colors such as Black, Gold, Rose, Gray, and Gold to select from. So, you can select any of them according to your choice and taste. The phone will have chamfered edges and made up of sturdy metal. What's more, it will have smooth Ion-X glass. Also, this model will run on the latest operating system to make the user interface great. It would have a sleek unibody that will love every gadget lover. The expected price of this handset in Dubai, UAE would be around 2300 AED. For storing huge data, it will come with large internal storage. However, it would support only single SIM card. If we talk about SE, it stands for 'Special Edition'.

Called as a Special Edition Phone

As mentioned above, SE means Special Edition. Now, this phone keeps the same form factor as that of popular and iPhone 5S. What is more interesting, it greatly resembles with the in terms of superior innards and hardware specifications. Hence, this smartphone seems to lift all the top of the line features from its previous mates and packs them all in a modernized SE 2 casing that is called – Apple iPhone SE 2. The best part is that this handset is quite affordable. Hence, anyone can buy it. This is sure to be a great hit among those, who cannot afford expensive handsets, still wanting in top of the line smartphone like iPhone 7. To note here, Apple is going to launch this phone alongside which means that SE 2 might get fewer attention. To avert this situation, Apple must do something to make it stand out from others in its category. However, it is not sure what step the Apple will take to save this handset from vanishing from the stage that is going to be shared with upcoming iPhone S8.

Attractive yet Durable Lineament

Rumors stated that the newer smartphone will take the same design from like and . For those who are not aware, once, the was the most appreciated handset for its unique build quality. The same is refreshed somewhat to make iPhone 5 and now, the SE2. If the guess is true, this handset will go toe-to-toe with any of the top line handset of today in terms of design. However, any change in the design will also be welcoming seeing the onset of flagship iPhone 8 which is said to set new standards in top-end category of Apple smartphones. Anyways, like Apple iPhone SE, the SE 2 is sure to rise in popularity among mid range consumers from Dubai and across the globe. 

Impressive 4” Display to Deliver High Quality Visual Contents

It is guessed that this upcoming model will sport the same screen size as , i.e. 4.0-inches display. This will be LED-backlit IPS LCD screen which is known for offering high quality images to users. This means that you can enjoy any sort of visual content on your handset in a hassle free manner. Some sources say that this capacitive touchscreen will produce high resolution at 640 X 1136 pixels that will be putting at 326ppi pixel density. However, this resolution is not as amazing as that you can buy from any e-store in Saudi Arabia. Still, the screen specification of SE 2 justifies the display size of 4.0-Inches; if the rumors about screen size are true. 

Contrary to that, Samsung Z2 also comes with a 4-inches display size but is has slightly higher screen resolution than that of SE 2. However, it cannot be said a better screen than SE 2 because of its lower pixel density than SE 2.

Unique Hardware Combination on its Way for an Improved Performance

Apple is all set to pack its newer to-be-launched handset with some unique hardware combination for not only delivering high performance to users, but also letting the device to stand against the likes of flagship Apple phones. The senior SE was powered by Apple A9 chipset which was known for smoother phone's performance. However, it is anticipated that the new device will follow in the footsteps of legendary in terms of hardware specification, and it would be better in performance than the SE. It is also exciting to know that a lower priced SE 2 will be packing the similar set of specs found in the pricier . However, these are only guesses and facts which are unconfirmed, hence, you can only expect SE 2 to be as powerful as and Google Pixel.    

Better Battery and Enhanced Camera Feature

If you are looking for a phone that can give you a day long battery life like Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, then you can look forward to as it is expected to bring to you larger battery capacity than its previous mates. Rumors on high battery specification seem right as the phone's boxy design will easily house a large battery. On the other hand, smaller screen will help device save some battery power. If anything, we are having our fingers crossed for an improved battery over its predecessors.

Camera innards are still uncertain hence nothing can be said exactly how will it be on the newer device. However, a combination of 12 MP back and 1.2 MP selfie camera from SE is all anticipated to make its way on the newer SE edition too. Apart from regular camera features, the newer SE 2 camera unit will also be assisted by a gamut of improved functions for the best results at the end. 

Features that are Found on Apple iPhone SE 2

  1. This handset will pack a processor that is great in power
  2. This high end phone is rumored to get a lower price tag
  3. This feature packed device is anticipated to pack battery that will be longer than iPhone 5S

Features that Apple iPhone SE 2 Might Lack

  1. Possibilities high for a 3.5 mm headphone jack to be removed
  2. Battery life disappoints many



Can you please explain about Apple iPhone SE 2?

It is a handset that comes with smaller display, larger storage space, and many unique features that are hard to see in a phone available at same slab of price.

How much will be the Apple iPhone SE 2?

This handset will cost you around 2300AED in Saudi Arabia. Although, the price may differ from place to place.

What will be the main features of iPhone SE 2?

A small form factor is that it is ideal for one-handed usage. Fast A10 processor, 12-megapixel I Sight camera, 4K video recording, 240 fps slo-mo video recording, better battery life, fast network speed, Apple Pay are few attractive, yet useful applications and specifications of the handset.

Will iPhone SE 2 4G compatible?

As per latest rumors, the phone will be 4G compatible device with a support for up to 40 bands on an LTE network.

Will this handset support VoLTE?

Yes, the Apple iPhone SE 2 will contain voice-over LTE (VoLTE) technology which enables the wireless communication over 4G and 3G networks.

How many colors the phone will come in?

Leaked images of the phone say that it will come in Black, Gold, Rose, and Gray colors to choose from. Also, they all will be sold at the same price.

When the smartphone is coming out?

The newer Apple iPhone SE 2 is expected to hit the stores anytime in December 2017.

How will be the memory specification of the phone? Will its two variants cost me differently?

The all new Apple iPhone SE 2 is guessed to come in two memory variants. It may include 32 GB of internal space along with 2 GB of RAM; whilst another variable will be 2 GB RAM/128GB ROM mobile phone. And yes, both of the two editions will come with different price tag.

I heard that this handset will pack a better battery than its previous counterpart. Is this information true

You heard it right. The newer addition to Apple line of products is going to comprise a larger battery, thanks to its slightly thick dimensions. Moreover, the battery on the phone will let the phone last a day.

How will be phone's performance?

As per recent rumors, the handset is going to sport a powerful chipset combination that is A10 chipset. This chipset is known for its super speedy performance.

How will be the camera functionality of the device?

As always, this handset from famous Apple Inc. will sport a pair of excellent cameras to let users enjoy the mobile photography in the way it is meant to be done.

Will this phone consist of a headphone jack on it?

As the previous model – Apple iPhone SE consists of a headphone jack, it is most likely to be on the newer handset. However, nothing can be said exactly.

Will the battery on this phone come with fast battery charging?

Updates on battery are not available yet. However, the previous iPhone SE does not support fast battery charging for its battery. Hence, the newer addition is more likely to skip this feature.

How will be its display?

It will be smaller 4.2-Inches display which is slightly larger than its previous model.

APPLE IPHONE SE 2 Specification:

Network Technology 4G: Available (supports Indian bands) 3G: Available, 2G: Available
Display Size 4.5 inches
Resolution 640 x 1136 pixels
Platform Os iOS v10
Chipset Apple A10 Fusion
Cpu 2.34 GHz
Memory Internal 32 GB And 2 GB Ram
Camera Primary 12 MP
Sound Loudspeaker Yes
35mm jack Yes
Comms Wlan Yes Wi-Fi 802.11
Bluetooth Yes v4.2
Battery Removable 1750 mAh
Xyz 0