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Canon 5D Mark III


Brand: Canon

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Product Description:

Canon 5D Mark III is a professional grade camera powered by a full frame 22.3 megapixel CMOS sensor which boasts of the capability of shooting up to 6 frames per second. Coming with top notch Canon DIGIC 5 + image processor, the camera competently performs at the astounding ISO speeds of up to 25600, which can be expanded to 102400. A novel expandable 61 point Auto Focus (AF) system ensures quick tracking of subjects with enhanced levels of speeds and precision. EOS 5D Mark III has successfully proven its worth in recording uncompressed and clean digital video with embedded time code over HDMI output. It also similarly displays the video on the rear LCD display and records to the SD or internal CF cards. One of the most popular cameras, Canon 5D Mark III has become one of the most sought after cameras among professional photographers, just like Canon EOS 750D.

Excellent HD recording on demand

Building on the unwavering success of its namesake and addressing the requests of the pros, one of the best selling Canon cameras in Dubai, UAE, Canon 5D Mark III is successful in capturing HD videos with a high level of sophistication, which can be easily compared with professional movie cameras. The new drive system of the CMOS sensor considerably reduces color artifacts and moiré and enhances image processor performance, ensuring that the camera is capable of recording at a wide array of frame rates up to ISO 25600 in H Mode. It also provides enhanced sound recording adjustment capacities, ensuring 64 step volume control accessible via the Quick Control screen while video shooting, in addition to a committed headphone jack for comfort in shooting. Moreover, the camera provides both IPB and All-I compression, supporting H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile for increased recording without any unwanted interruptions. You also have the option of exploring online to compare 5D Mark III with other cameras such as Canon 80D.

Quality iFCL Metering with 63 Zone Dual Layering Metering Sensor

One of the latest cameras, 5D Mark III comes with Canon multi layer 63 Zone intelligent Focus Color Luminance or iFCL Metering System, integrating the AF system of the cameras into its readings. Through taking into account the luminosity and the color surrounding the picked AF points, the innovative system provides a completely new level of accuracy, specifically in situations where light conditions changes dramatically. The metering sensor ensures spot and partial metering, center weighted and evaluation. In addition, it provides 5 step exposure compensation, ensuring ideally exposed images at all times and occasions! Check out a prominent camera comparison site to compare the features of the camera with other options like Canon 70D.

State-of-the-art 61 Point High Density Reticular AF

The innovatively designed 61 point high density reticular AF comes with an Offset Array Sensor for providing enhanced accuracy, irrespective of the situation. One of the latest Canon cameras, 5D Mark III provides multi zone wide area AF for quality tracking and boasts of 20 outer cross type points, 21 central cross type points and 5 central dual cross type points, and is also sensitive in extremely low light conditions. AF points below and above the center are sensitive to vertical contrast, whereas the points to the right and left are sensitive to horizontal contrast. With the installation of the new firmware update, auto focusing with the center AF point is now a reality, when the maximum aperture of the extender or EF lens combination becomes as low as f/8. Compare the features of the camera with other cameras such as Nikon D5600 to get a better idea.

DIGIC 5 + Image Processor Ensuring Incredible Processing Speed and Increased Noise Reduction

With the use of a DIGIC 5 + Image Processor, the camera ensures an entirely new level of performance. DIGIC 5 + Image Processor features new algorithms for promoting increased noise reduction at higher ISOs and enhances data processing performances. It works with two 4 channel A/D converter front end processing circuits and delivers speed of up to 6.0 fps. Apart from the traditional image processing functions, the DIGIC 5 + Image Processor provides real time compensation for chromatic aberration in both motion and still pictures. Speed improvements are now noticeable from the moment the camera is switched on, all thanks to the power of the processor. In fact, the exemplary results of one of the newly launched cameras, 5D Mark III are proves in itself about the camera quality! Another camera which boasts of high-end camera quality is Pentax K-70.

14 bit A/D Conversion and Extensive ISO Setting

The camera not only provides highest standards and expanded ISOs, but also delivers 14 bit signal processing for incredible image gradation, and a range of novel options for enhancing shooting in wide arrange and fast changing light situations. With a basic range of ISO 100-25600, the 5D Mark III promises a 2 stop enhancement in sensitivity over earlier cameras. Full auto and manual, user defined range and minimum and maximum ISO setting can easily be specified. Apart from the widely known benefits of its wide ISO range, the camera features automatic ISO settings, discovered on the dedicated ISO menu. What more, all thanks to the powerful noise reduction and superior signal to noise ratio of the new sensor, the camera is capable of shooting at increased sensitivities down to ISO 50 (L) and up to 51200 (H1). To purchase the camera, check out the list of camera shops over a credible camera comparison site and compare the features and prices of different cameras including Nikon D5200 and get the ideal deal.

Excellent 22.3 Megapixel Full Frame CMOS Sensor

The camera proudly offers a state of the art Canon full frame 22.3 megapixel CMOS sensor which has been specially designed from the scratch for offering unparalleled clarity and speed, perfectly detailed images and high resolution. Boasting of a full 24x36mm, the sensor successfully captures 5784x3861 big individual 6.25 µm pixels and comes with top-notch S/N ratio, ensuring quality images from the beginning. A newly launched photodiode structure with an enhanced photoelectric conversion rate enhances the sensitivity of the sensor by almost 2 stops over earlier models. This means increased ISOs with the lowest noise of any EOS digital camera. Moreover, a 2 line 8 channels simultaneously signal readouts, ensuring speed up to 6.0 fps.  Discover online camera shops today, check out the best cameras like Canon 5D Mark III and Nikon D5300 and purchase the camera from a reputed store in Dubai, UAE.

Some of the incredible features of the camera are as follows:

  • 61 point high density reticular AF
  • ISO 100-25600, expandable up to 102400
  • 22.3 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor

Canon 5D Mark III overview

  • The Canon 5D Mark III Digital cameras is manufactured by Canon and was added here around 9th Apr 2017 and is the part of the Canon 5D Mark III series.
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  • Canon 5D Mark III specification are:

Canon 5D Mark III Specification:

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