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Google Nexus 6P Special Edition


Brand: Google

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Product Description:

Google is going to add Google Nexus 6P Special Edition mobile phone to its Nexus-lineup smartphones. This newly launched handset is expected to be an upgraded version of the prior Nexus 6P, hence you can expect many top features into this smartphone. Also, reliable leaks reveal that the upcoming model will take many flagship features from its predecessor and improvise them for a better user experience on the device. The new launch will look stunning as per the leaked images, however, it is not confirmed yet what will be its build form. As far as the price is concerned, the 6P SE is assumed to sit with highly priced flagship phones of the year. Briefly, this feature packed phone can easily entice a gadget lover folk in Dubai. However, its price may make many frown at the device. Also, this device will see a global launch; making it easy for anyone, who is interested in the gadget, to buy it anywhere in the world. 

The build form of the Google Nexus 6P SE

Like Google Nexus 6P, the 6P SE will also come clad with a metal unibody build form that gives a sturdy feel and look to the handset. Because of the use of premium quality material, this handset will rival the glass and metal infused . However, with a 5.7 inches display, the phone is definitely going to bother you a little, as it is not ideal for single handed operations. But its slightly tapered edges and rounded off corners will offer you with a comfortable grip, for sure. However, the and Huawei P9 also come with an easier, single handed grasp. It is also assumed that the phone will sport a USB C port on its bottom to facilitate fast charging. It is uncleared though, whether the upcoming model will house stereo speakers on its front panel. Like its stablemate, the 6P SE may also give you customization options letting you change phone's casing with attractive color variants. 

Be Ready for an Immersive Visual Enjoyment with 5.7” AMOLED Screen

The Google Nexus 6P SE seems to keep pace with and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 by flaunting a 5.7” Quad HD display. The screen on the soon-to-be-launched device is also guessed to powered by the same screen technology like Nexus 6P. This means that you will be facilitated with AMOLED screen technology that is known for offering clear images with balanced color contrast and vibrant colors. Given that the phone will come with a hefty price tag, one can assume that the screen on it will be powered by different screen technologies like Adaptive Display functionality. To know more about its display, you should visit an online price comparison site. One such site also allows you to compare its screen specification with contemporary models in order to find whether the device is true worth your money. You can also consider visiting such websites to know about that sale latest handsets at greater deals. 

Fingerprint Sensor on the Google Nexus 6P SE

Google is planning to combine its exclusive Nexus Imprint Sensor with this handset which works like Apple's Touch ID Home Button. However, unlike fingerprint sensors on Samsung phones, the sensor on 6P SE will take lesser time to register a new fingerprint. Also, this will be placed on the rear side of the phone which you may initially feel a bit awkward, but will get used to with it later. Another disadvantage of rear-mounted fingerprint reader is that you cannot unlock your phone using the sensor while it is resting on a desk. Hence, if the 6P SE comes integrated with such an accurate sensor on its back, it may bother you a little with its inconvenient position on the device.

Google Nexus 6P SE to Flaunt Best -in-Class Camera

The camera on this handset is the next big thing people pay keen attention at. It is rumored to be 12.3 megapixel sensor with bigger pixels for capturing more light. If the rumors are true, then you will be able to take clear images after dark. However, there will not be OIS for back camera, still, it would be blur free, sharper images with right color contrast, thanks to its Electronic Image Stabilization feature. Considering some trusted sources, the 6P SE's camera is going to compete with the camera functionality on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ because of its abilities to record videos in 4K at 30 frames per second speed. There is not much heard about its selfie cam, still it is assumed to be a feature packed shooter for enticing selfie lovers from across Dubai and the world.

Superior Hardware that Results into Excellent Phone's Performance

The Google Nexus 6P SE is built to offer you with excellent phone performance at every front. It is said to ship with Snapdragon 810 v2.1 which is faster than Snapdragon 810 inside . Also, its specification list says that the handset will combine its main processor with Qualcomm's 64 bit Octa-core processor and to address the graphics on the phone there will be Adreno 530 GPU. 

This massive phablet from Google will include humongous, 3450mAh battery which will make the phone last longer than one day with heavy phone usage. What's more, this handset is faster than the in terms of battery charging. Meaning, the battery on 6P SE will reaches up to hundred percent in just 1 hour and 37 minutes compared to the  5X's battery which takes longer time to get fully charged.  

Google Nexus 6P SE Features that are Most Demanding

  1. This phablet will pack nice hardware -software combination for its price
  2. Stereo speakers may be placed on its front panel
  3. It will be easy to hold handset
  4. This phablet is rumored to harness the power of latest Android version

Feature that the Google Nexus 6P could have Included

  1. No wireless charging
  2. No Optical Image Stabilization feature


Google Nexus 6P Special Edition Faqs

In which color, the Google Nexus 6P SE will come in?

This handset is guessed to come in Gold color. However, you can customize it with multiple colored phone casings that are easily available in the market.

Will this phone include a fingerprint sensor? If yes, how will it be?

This handset is planned to come with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor which will be Google's exclusive Nexus Impart Sensor. This is a fast and accurate sensor which allows you to register a new fingerprint in a fraction of seconds.

How is the picture quality on this mobile phone?

This smartphone is anticipated to pack in best-in-class camera which will be great at low lighting imaging. Also, it will give you balanced brightness, color contrast, and tone in the pictures taken in a brightly lit environment. Selfies are also going to be superb with its front-facing shooter which may also include HDR feature.

How is the battery feature of the handset?

This gadget will come with 3450mAh battery that will give you a day's standby time even on heavy phone usage. Also, it will charge fast compared to other Nexus phones in the past.

Will this phone come with stereo speakers? How will be the audio quality?

This handset is supposed to house stereo speakers on its front panel. Also, by using the Active Noise Cancellation technique, this phone will deliver high quality audio to its users.

How will be its screen? Will it be suitable for watching HD movies and playing games?

The screen on the Nexus 6P SE will be Quad HD display powered by AMOLED technique. It will pack higher screen resolution at highest density, so that you can enjoy a range of visual contents including HD movies and high end Android games.

Can I store larger data on this device?

This device is supposed to come with 4GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. However, it will not support the MicroSD Card as per recent rumors surfaced in the electronic market. Hence, it is difficult to say that the handset will allow you to store large data on it.

Will it be a pricey handset?

Yes, it will be a pricey smartphone as compared to recently launched Google phones.

How it is different from Google Nexus 6P?

This mobile phone comes with many improved features from Nexus 6P. Also, there will be a gamut of new applications and software in order to make it more user-friendly. An effort to make this device a feature packed smartphone will also help justify its higher price.

Can I be able to record slo-mo videos on this mobile phone?

The camera on this device is not capable of recording slo-mo videos. Hence, you cannot record or play this sort of video footage using your handset.

Does the rear camera record 4K videos?

The 12.3-megapixel back camera is designed to capture 2160p videos at a speed of 30 frames per second. This camera can also record 720p video footage at 240fps speed.

Will this phone be available online?

Once the handset gets launched, it will be sold online. However, you can also buy this mobile phone from any of the brick and mortar stores.

Google Nexus 6P Special Edition Specification:

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