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This site is operated by PriceOmania or on behalf of PriceOmania together with the call centers that relate to this site. Using our site or our services means that you comply with and you are bound by these terms of use and our privacy policy as well as other documents that are referred to in them. Do not use this website or our services if you are not in agreement with our terms of use.

We have the right to amend our terms of use any time. Changes will be reflected on this site. Using this site after we post the changes means your acceptance and agreement with the changes. The services offered by PriceOmania and made available to you are also governed by the additional or the alternative terms of use with us or third parties.


To register with our site, you must attain 18 years and above and provide accurate, current and complete registration details. If you make account changes, update us promptly. The responsibility of maintaining password confidentiality lies with you. You also agree that any individual to whom your password or username may be disclosed is allowed to act as the agent for transaction purposes via our website. You also agree that you will be responsible for all activities that will be conducting with your password.

You are responsible for taking reasonable steps towards preventing unauthorized access of your account through any device or computer that you will use in accessing your account. In case you believe that an individual has accessed your account without authorization via our website, let us know immediately.

On creating an account, you might have a chance to opt-in to get marketing emails from PriceOmania, group companies or our third parties. You can unsubscribe from receiving emails from us any time. We have the right to send you emails that relate to your account any time including emails from our third parties or group companies. You have the right to manage your preferences for email subscription through the website or even unsubscribe any time.


The information on this website is only for the general use. It does not amount to advice that you can depend on. You must get specialist or professional advice before you take or refrain from any action based on this content.

This website as well as our call center provides a professional service from which you may:

  • Get impartial information on the suppliers of products, services and/or goods that we select and list on our website (a “Supplier”) including the products and services that the suppliers offer
  • Facilitate the transaction between the Suppliers and you for provision of the products, services and/or goods.

However, while providing the service, we do not:

  • Provide any advice, financial, investment or otherwise in regard to any of the Service or
  • Endorse or recommend any Service or Supplier

We inform you of the applicable conditions and terms imposed by the suppliers in relation to the supply of the Services and you agree that you will abide by those conditions and terms.

Additionally, you agree that:

  • We only provide information about suppliers as well as their services and that you do not contract with us directly for such services
  • Any person that you disclose your password and/or username to is authorized to serve as your own agent for purposes of transactions made through the site and/or services.
  • You are responsible for the transmission of all payment to the Supplier on the agreed terms for the services or we shall not be responsible for payments’ transmission to the supplier.
  • Where your debit or credit card details will be required by the supplier, you will provide the details and we might forward them to a relevant supplier.

Provision of materials

Once you submit content on our website or provide us with content, you give us a royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive, sub-license, irrevocable and fully transferable license for using, displaying, reproducing, modifying, editing and selling the content. By doing so, you wait your moral rights over the content. No fee shall be paid for your content and we have the right in sole discretion to edit or remove it any time. You represent and warrant that you have the necessary rights for granting us the rights. PriceOmania will permit posting of content on our site according to our procedures provided that this content is not obscene, illegal, threatening, abusive, defamatory or objectionable. Our Privacy Policy will govern any personal information that you provide through this website.

Liability and Disclaimer

This site including the content in it is provided by PriceOmania on the basis of “as is” as well as “as available” and we don’t make guarantees, warranties or representations whatsoever either implied or express. Particularly without limitation, reasonable skills and care will be used in ensuring that the provided information from Suppliers of the products or services is accurate. However, be informed that the information is obtained from the third parties. Therefore, we do not and cannot provide guarantees, representations and/or warranties as to suitability or quality for purposes or needs in terms of compatibility, completeness, accuracy, reliability, timeliness, use or access of the information that suppliers provide and/or information obtained or accessed via our website, call center or through the use of our services.

PriceOmania will not be liable to the user for the damage or loss, whether tort, contract, statutory duty breach or otherwise, even when foreseeable or arising in connection with or under:

  • Inability to use or use of our services, call center or this site.
  • Reliance on or use of any content on our website
  • Delay in or failure in any element of our website, provision of Service, provision of Supplier of the services to third party or user including but not limited to where a user fails or delays to switch from the current supplier.
  • Reliance on or use of any material, information, products, software or services gotten via our site, call center or via the use of the provided services.
  • Any agreement or transaction between any supplier and the user or attempt to get into a transaction or agreement with a supplier in any case even when we have already been forewarned of a possibility of a damage or loss.

For business users, it is important to note that we are not responsible for:

  • Business interruption
  • Loss of sales, revenue, profits or business
  • Anticipated savings loss
  • Business opportunity, reputation or goodwill loss
  • Consequential or direct damage or loss

For consumer users, it is important to note that our site is provided for private and domestic use. You agree that you will not use our website for business or commercial purposes and we are not responsible for profit loss, business loss, and business opportunity loss or business interruption.

We are not responsible for any content of sites that link to our site. Do not interpret such links as endorsed by PriceOmania. We won’t be liable for damage or loss arising from the use of such links.

We are not responsible for any content of sites that link to our site. Do not interpret such links as endorsed by Priceomania. We won’t be liable for damage or loss arising from the use of such links.